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For the beginner entering the hobby, the cardinal rule is “seat time” i.e. work on the basics of high performance driving on the track until your skill level exceeds the current capability of your vehicle’s configuration. The next step logically is then to improve on lap times. You could either move up in class by buying a better car or modifying your current car for more performance. The expense of this enterprise could exceed the market value of your car. So extensive research and budget comes into play when making any decision.


The first modification for your car should be tires and wheels that are dedicated to the track. Street tires will not hold up under the demands of heavy track use and require high performance tires. On the same line, most car manufacturers have aluminum wheels on their cars as standard equipment. Many are manufactured using cast wheels. Cast wheels may crack under extreme track use. The best alternative is getting forged aluminum wheels that are stronger and lighter than cast but extremely expensive. An alternative to forged is called free flow which although are not as strong is a good compromise at the track for the enthusiast at a reasonable price point. Oz is an Italian wheel manufacturer of this wheel which is immensely popular on the track.


In summary, getting even the right tires and wheels within a reasonable budget can be an incredibly challenging research project for your car. The primary purpose of this forum is to inform and guide participants to other sources so they can make the best decisions to meet their expectations.

Race car modifications for the track
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