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Thank you for considering me as your driving instructor. The most important priority at the track during instruction is to bring you, your car, and me free of any damage or injury as well as not be a hazard to other drivers that are on the track  Please fill out the questionnaire so I can better tailor make your instruction to maximize your experience on the track.

Have you ever taken any car on the track before?
Is it a manual transmission?
Does your car have ABS?
If manual do you know how to heel and toe?
Have you ever activated the system under an emergency braking situation?
On a scale of 1 to 10 being the highest how mechanically inclined would you rate yourself?

Your content has been submitted

Important preparations before track day:

  1. At a minimum make sure your vehicle has been inspected according to the requirements by the organization sponsoring the event.

  2. Make sure you have a proper size helmet to wear as well as footwear.

  3. Study a track map and review UTube of cars being tracked on the raceway.

  4. Get to be familiar with race flags and racing terminology. This is available on my site at


Day at track:

  1. Get there on time.

  2. Remember to drive at your limit of control. Technique of driving the line and smoothness of application is more important than speed or lap time. Lap times will improve significantly once these skills are developed.

  3. Please note that you are solely liable for any damage to your car and track property. A separate waiver must be signed by you releasing me of any liability for the operation of your vehicle while I am an instructor. Generally car insurance companies do not insure your car when on the track. Track insurance for the event can be purchased over the internet. This insurance covers the value of your car less a 10% to 15%% deductible and is worth considering if you have a high value car.


Any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Mike Quigley

(323) 213-1338

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